Buylist Guide

How to sell to Dead Guy Games:

Step 1: Add items to your Cart

 Use our Buy List application to search by block and set, or you may use the quick search feature for specific cards

Select the correct card, edit quantity and click Sell to add items to your cart (for quantities greater than 10, simple add the item again)

Cards added should be Near Mint and only Near Mint cards will recieve the listed price. Please see our grading guide to determine if your cards meet our criteria

• Cards which do not meet our grading standards will be downgraded to the following prices:

Light Play           85% of Near Mint

Moderate Play     70% of Near Mint

Heavy Play         50% of Near Mint

Once you have added all items you wish to sell, simply check out and follow the system prompts


Step 2: Prepare your Shipment

• Wait for a confirmation email

Print the invoice from your email and package it with your shipment

Sort your cards in the exact way the appear in your invoice, failure to do so will result in a delay in processing your submission

• Package your cards in such a way that they will not shift or be damaged during shipment (no loose cards, no rubber bands). Cards damaged in shipment will be downgraded and will affect the value of your sale. The preferred method is a plastic or cardboard case designed for trading cards sent inside a bubble mailer 

• Send all buylist submissions to the following location:


Attention: Buyer

1733 Illinois Street

Vallejo, California 94590

• Although Tracking and Insurance is not required, it is highly recommended, as we are not responsible for packages lost during transit

• Please be sure to ship within 2-3 business days after confirmation, to ensure the value and acceptance of your sale


Step 3: Get Paid

• Payment options include Store Credit or PayPal. Be aware, PayPal does charge a fee for goods sold and the seller is responsible for all applicable fees

Payment will be made approximately 2 business days after cards are received 


Other Considerations:

• Cards with the following damage will not be accepted; water damage, smoke/odor damage, tears, stamps, signatures, or creases. They will be automatically returned and the shipping cost deducted from payment

• Cards valued at less than $0.25 that are not in Near Mint condition will be automatically returned and the shipping cost deducted from payment

• We reserve the right to refuse any order or return cards for any reason at the sellers expense